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30.07.14, 21:00
Materiality I & Materiality II

Mittwoch/Donnerstag, 30/31. Juli 2014, 21 Uhr,...


02.09.14, 00:00
ICST Sommerkurs / Basiskurs Jitter

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46th International Summer Course for New Music Darmstadt

Saturday 14. July 2012, 00:00

Workshops of the ICST

The Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology Zurich (ICST) under the artistic direction of Germán Toro-Pérez will be staying with this year’s Darmstadt Summer Course the whole two Course weeks.


In the canteen of the Lichtenberg school the ICST will adapt a stationary studio in which the Course participants can work in exchange with and under instructions of the ICST team. Besides, the ICST offers three workshops to introduce the different fields of work and research fields of the institute: In each case two staff members of the ICST introduce the subjects „Composition in space“ (16/17 July), „Interactive Swarm Space“ (19/20 July) and „Hybrid Musicianship“ (24/25 July). Because the number of participants is limited for these workshops, it is asked for advance notification with Philippe Kocher ( philippe.kocher[AT]zhdk.ch ). With him further information is also to be received.