Computer Music Studio 

ICST’s computer music studio is a surround studio fitted with 12 Geithain MO-2 loudspeakers (8+4) and a Geithain RL-911 stereo monitoring. It has a Macintosh MacPro intel raid-system (3 TB) with a wide range of software such as sequencers and HD recording and sound-processing tools as well as object-oriented programmes such as MaxMSP/Jitter or PD. The studio is specially equipped for creating Ambisonic surround music. The ICST computer music studio combines cutting-edge technologies and musical experience, focusing on the practical implementation of sound research, computer music and media art projects. The studio aims to promote new works in the areas of electronic music, sound art and media art. 

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Computer music studio responsible and operator:  

Johannes Schütt

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Download a list with the available equipment in the studio.



Studio address:

Zurich University of the Arts, Department of Music
Computer music studio (2nd floor)
Florhofgasse 6
8001 Zurich


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