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Radio Baton 

Gerald Bennett / Jan Schacher


Radio Baton meets Director Musices


This project intends to combine the Director Musices and Conductor programs in order to achieve a more expressive and socially interactive performance of a midi file score by an electronic orchestra. Director Musices processes a “square” midi file, adjusting the dynamics and timing of the notes to achieve the expressive performance of a trained musician. The Conductor program and the Radio-baton allow a conductor, wielding an electronic baton, to follow and synchronize with other musicians, for example to provide an orchestral accompaniment to an operatic singer. These programs may be particularly useful for student soloists who wish to practice concertos with orchestral accompaniments.


Max Mathews, Stanford University
Johan Sundberg, Anders Friberg, KTH Royal Techical University, Stockholm


A Marriage of the Director Musices Program and the Conductor Program

Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference, August 6-9, 2003 (Smac 03), Stockholm, Sweden


2004 - 2007