About the ICST 

The Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology brings together scientists and artists from various professional backgrounds: mathematics, engineering, audio engineering, psychoacoustics, computer science, generative art, media art, musicology, music theory, performance and composition. This rich mix encourages projects examining the relationship between technology and musical practice, exploring critically the tradition of contemporary and electroacoustic music using methods of both classical and artistic research.


Current projects at ICST deal with digital sound generation, generative art, haptic interaction, augmented instruments, musical gesture, sonification, the notation and description of spatialization, three-dimensional recording and playback technologies and the performance practice of electroacoustic music.


Research results are presented in the form of software, hardware, book and journal publications, as well as contributions to conferences, symposia and festivals. In addition, they often find expression in the realization of compositions and artistic projects. The development of tools for the practical use of the surround technology Ambisonics was met with acclaim on an international level.


The ICST is involved in the bachelor and master programs in electroacoustic composition at the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK. It is active in the advanced certificate studies in computer music, and it offers various elective subjects within the music department of the ZHdK.


In addition to research and teaching, other activities at ICST include musical creation made possible through residencies for composers, the realization of concerts, workshops, talks and other public events and an the documentation of electroacoustic music made publicly available in the ICST Archives.