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MIDI to OSC converter 

A MIDI-to-OSC converter is implemented on a commercially available embedded linux system, tighly integrated with a microcontroller. A layered method is developed which permits the conversion of serial data such as MIDI to OSC formatted network packets with an overall system latency below 5 milliseconds for common MIDI messages.


The Gumstix embedded computer provide an interesting and modular platform for the development of such an embedded applications. The project shows great potential to evolve into a generic sensors-to-OSC ethernet converter which should be very useful for artistic purposes and could be used as a fast prototyping interface for gesture acquisition devices.


For further developments, the current midOSC setup show potential pointing into two interesting directions. On the one hand it will be further optimized as low-latency four-port MIDI-to-OSC converter to cover the needs of conversion demanding applications like the mAe. On the other hand, a generic and modular sensor-to-OSC ethernet converter will be implemented, which, by taking advantage of the available robostix connectivity, will provide a quick prototyping tool for pedagogical and artistic purposes.


midOSC: a Gumstix-Based MIDI-to-OSC Converter

International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 09, Pittsburgh, USA, June 4th - 6th 2009