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Ambisonics Tools 

Ambisonics are an effective way of describing and projecting spatial sound. Based on the theoretical works of the late Michael Gerzon, it is more and more frequently being used not only to reproduce recordings made with a soundfield microphone and encoded in the corresponding B-format but also to place virtual sources in a periphonic space and decode them to an arbitrary number and configuration of speakers. The tools developed at the ICST implement Ambisonics in the form of MaxMSP externals and allow the encoding and decoding in three dimensions of up to fifth-order Ambisonics. In addition they include a graphical control module for real-time manipulation of source placement and modules for algorithmic control of source motion in three-dimensional space.



Seven Years of ICST Ambisonics Tools for Maxmsp - A Brief Report

Jan Schacher in: Proc. of the 2nd International Symposium on Ambisonics and Spherical Acoustics    May 6-7, 2010, Paris, France


Ambisonics Equivalent Panning
Martin Neukom and Jan Schacher in: Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference ICMC, Copenhagen, August 2007.


Raumklang mit Ambisonics in Max/MSP
Philippe Kocher at the Symposium "Musik im Raum" in Karlsruhe, June 2007.


Ambisonics Spatialization Tools for Max/MSP
Jan Schacher and Philippe Kocher in: Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference ICMC, New Orleans, November 2006.